Welcome to PAR 5 Events

At PAR 5, our mission is in our name - Plan, Action, Results!

Based in Southern California, PAR 5 Events is a full-service event planning and management firm providing a broad range of services to create unique, exciting and unforgettable events. As a strategic partner to our clients, we provide broad expertise and in-depth consultation needed to create the perfect event.

From concept to implementation, our goal is to execute events that will excite, engage and entertain. From corporate to social and non-profit events, each is meticulously planned and implemented to meet the client's special requirements and goals. No matter how small or large an event, we do not compromise on quality service, attention to detail and the personal care we provide.

PAR 5 Events uses its extensive relationships and alliances to produce events that will meet any client budget. We have excellent relationships with some of the premiere venues and well known vendors across Southern California. From planning to implementation, we work closely with our partners to produce unique and unforgettable events.

“We were so pleased that Ara was able to bring his event planning expertise to the 2010 Arpa International Film Festival. His professionalism and meticulous attention to detail greatly contributed to the Festival’s success. No matter how small or large the task, Ara did not compromise on quality of service, and hands-on care he provided to the Festival. I will certainly recommend Ara’s firm, PAR 5 Events, to plan, coordinate and execute your events.” Alex Kalognomos, Festival Director / Arpa International Film Festival